baby-hat Last night, in preparation for a book review I needed to write, I knitted up a pretty little baby hat.

Today, in addition to writing the review, grading papers, and hitting the grocery for fresh fruit and veg, I lolled around reading.

I feel that I am doing pretty well on the whole Weekend Off effort, given how conscious I am of the work I still need to do this weekend.

As I was driving to the grocery I got stuck behind two boys. They were riding on motor scooters, very slowly, but with a wonderful sense of youthful excitement. They talked animatedly to each other at stop lights and leaned forward when they forged ahead at the dizzying speed of twenty miles an hour.

I was able to take pleasure in their enjoyment, though I can’t speak for the other cars lined up behind me, creeping along the highway. They were clearly getting a lot of fun out of what they were doing, and I was being slowed down on my way to the grocery, but I had no appointments. So why not?

I’ve got laundry going and I may do housework, or perhaps even finish up my closet, which didn’t get done last weekend, but I might restrain myself. The HGP starts soon, and that’s fairly intense housework every week till December. It might be good to be a bit lazy for a bit longer.

#2 son was taken aside by the instructor of his math class and told that she wanted to recommend him for a research assistantship, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him.