My husband and I went to the farmers market and scored lots of lovely vegetables, including some baby summer squash from this stall.

We got fruit as well: blueberries and white peaches. Also a jar of hot sauce. With our food box arriving today, we are set for the week.

We’re lucky to live in such a nice town.

I can now return to my knitting without feeling bad about spending the whole weekend on the sofa. Even though I will in fact be spending most of the weekend on the sofa. Recharging. And yet productive, because I am knitting.

The Quixote shawl I am knitting should be nearly finished, because I have completed the number of repeats called for by the pattern. However, since the pattern is written for worsted weight yarn on size 10 needles and I am making it in fingering weight yarn on size 4 needles, I’m only about halfway there.

Onward, then!