Here’s a recipe I made up for a client blog. It’s really quite yummy, and less than 100 calories.

The day began with me sleeping in till 6:00 a.m., which may not sound like much, but it’s the latest I’ve slept in weeks and possibly months.

I confess that I woke up with a sense of frantic determination to get a blog post written, but I put a nice breakfast in the oven while I did that. A shredded potato crust, tomatoes and red bell peppers, diced ham, plus a custard of eggs and a bit of cream cheese, baked in the oven. Similar to quiche but relatively benign — just 1 Evil 6 point.


I worked a bit, cleaned house a bit, did a load of laundry, and read a bit.

Then I headed out to do my errands: bank, bookstore — where the clerk showed me a hilarious picture of David Bowie in fishnet bodystocking, for reasons known best to herself. I am of course delighted to be the kind of person to whom people naturally want to show pictures like that. This is true.

I went on to Sam’s, where they have plenty of nice produce and of course the splendid Natural Fruit Corporation Fruti bars, which was why I went there in the first place. They were having demos. I don’t usually try things at demos, but I did today, in a spirit of inquiry to go with our new move toward CPG clients. I tried Sparkling Ice, which has a nice website but tastes disgusting. I tried a mango smoothie mix which was tasty but doubtless not healthy. I had a smidgen of a pastry, because honestly I would eat pastry every day if I could, but it was sugary and did not taste like real food. By that time, I couldn’t stand any more food demos, so I passed on Rice Krispie Treat bars and some kind of pre-made flavored popcorn. It costs a lot of money to do these demos and most people are like me — tasters, not buyers. In my defense, I normally only taste things I would actually want to buy, and then buy them unless they don’t taste good.

Checking out at Sam’s on a Saturday means waiting in line interminably, but then of course I can observe and think about retail and vendors and stuff, perhaps getting a terrific inspiration for a blog post. While I was there, #1 daughter called and proposed lunch, so I dropped off the perishables at home and then met her at a restaurant where we had enchiladas (me), a chimichanga (her), and a good conversation. She headed off for a movie with one of the lads and I headed to rehearsal.

The wonderful organist transposed my solo for tomorrow down about a third and thus made it a lot prettier and less suspenseful for me.


The piece is “Our Father in Heaven” by John Wood. I haven’t been able to find a recording of this piece, nor any information about it, but I quite like it.

Having had a good rehearsal, I came home and put my feet up for a bit, till my husband clamored for his dinner. I cooked Black Angus burgers, fruit salad, green salad, and zucchini sauteed with a bit of mint in a drizzle of olive oil. Delicious.

We finished up with the dessert mentioned above. and I am now planning to spend the rest of the evening reading.

What a pleasant day. A little social, a little creative, a little productive, a little restful.

If it weren’t for allergies, I would go out onto the patio to read, but I must have some voice in the morning, so I will resist the temptation.