I started the day with insomnia — from 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. I lay awake. I slept at some point and woke at 7:00. At 9:00 I began a volunteer shift at the church. It was mostly a matter of hanging out with a nice woman from the congregation chatting.

It had been a couple of weeks since I left the house, so getting ready was rather fun. I had begun cleaning out my closet last night, getting the luggage onto the floor in a corner and my handbags all across the top shelf. Shoes on their shelf, too, nicely organized.nI therefore was conscious of all my options.

So this morning I chose the M. Gemi Ballare Italian leather flats, the navy Bagallini bag, gray jeans ands a blue and mustard print bow blouse. A navy linen blazer to finish it off. I let well dressed and comfortable, and people mentioned my cute shoes.

My fellow volunteer owned a dress shop for many years, so the remark about my cute shoes continued into a conversation about Amazon and sales tax. Amazon collects sales tax nowadays, but my interlocutor had thoughts about trying to compete as a Main Street shop with ecommerce. It was an interesting conversation.

I drove through and made a bank deposit, and then went to the bakery for a gourmet sandwich and a slice of Key Lime layer cake. I took these things home and enjoyed them very much.

Next up, a nap, and then catch up on reviews.

#1 daughter brought her babies over for dinner — she brought drive-through Chinese food — and my husband woke up and joined us. We played with toys, dandled the baby on my knee, and caught up on #1 daughter’s adventures.

It was a fun day.