Weight Loss Maintenance

My husband spoke to me about my weight again. “I need to say something to you,” he started, with great seriousness.

“Okay,” I wittily riposted.

“Are you still eating diet foods?” he asked. This is about the 4th time he has asked this. The first time, I wondered where he had learned the expression “diet foods.”

The thing is, I have been eating a lot of the Evil 6. Cupcakes, for example, and that’s just the start.

I’ve read that people who lose a lot of weight worry that they’ll wake up and have all the weight they lost again. I don’t feel that way. But I do worry that I’ll flip the switch to weight gain. I’ve been losing weight easily and naturally for years. I can eat a cupcake or two without worrying that I’ll get completely off track.

But how far off track can I go without messing up the internal chemistry that has been working out well for me?

I’m actually having some issues with tracking my weight. WiiFit, my guide along my weight loss journey, keeps telling me I’ve lost or gained several pounds overnight. It’s claimed I weigh 119. I have a floor scale, which gives me a pretty consistent 125 every day. So when my planner asks me, I say 125. I wouldn’t do this if I were possibly lying to make my weight lower. Lying to make it higher, though…

I don’t really think I’m getting thinner. But my husband does.