I haven’t written about weight loss lately because… I haven’t lost any weight. #1 daughter, who used to work for a national weight loss company, reframed this for me. I lost a significant amount of weight, she pointed out, and have maintained my new weight for several months.

I’m thinking of it in terms of my interim wardrobe, which fits just fine and will be packed up for my business trip next week.

I have had a stressful month so far, for one reason and another, one of the reasons being the number of meetings, appointments, and social events I’m having. I skipped several last week, I’m afraid, but I have several I can’t skip next week, and I am going to the opera today and a play tomorrow (plus a church meeting and church service). Sometime between now and the conference I must spend some hours alone to recharge.

With any luck, that will happen today. I’m going to do some housework, head out to do my errands as soon as the bank opens, maybe take a walk while I’m out, and then come home to work on the quilt until time to get ready for the opera.

As for weight loss, I plan to revive my efforts once I get back from the business trip. In the meantime, I’ll continue with healthy eating and regular exercise and be pleased with myself for maintaining my new weight rather than disappointed with myself for failing to get on with my next weight loss goal.