I’ve been using Wii Fit since 2007, so I’ve weighed in nearly 2,000 times. I discovered that I could look at the whole range of weigh-ins from about 2011, so I know that my current weight is the lowest it has been since then. The graph has a hockey stick shape, meandering around the mean most of the time till this January, at which point it just headed downward. I find this both satisfying and mystifying. Satisfying because I needed to lose some pounds, but mystifying because I don’t really know why I’m losing. I have wondered whether the scale of the Wii is wrong.

I don’t feel as though I’m doing much different. Perhaps it is my habit program.

In any case, I’ve lost more than ten percent of my original body weight, which was my goal for the year. For a small person, this would be noticeable. If you weigh 100 lbs and lose ten, someone might notice. For a large person, it’s not visible.

I think I might continue and do it again. If I can.