I set my goal for maintenance at Wii Fit. Granted, my schedule over the past couple of months has interfered seriously with my exercise routine and with proper eating, but I have been keeping my weight within Wii Fit’s guidelines for “no change.”

Yesterday I measured myself for the first time in a long time. I’ve lost a couple of inches at my waist, which is good. I also lost an inch at my hip and thigh, which is not such a good thing. I’m officially a rectangle shape, which is I think less healthy than a shape with more distinction between waist and hip.

More to the point, I now don’t fit into any clothing size chart. I think a lot of older women have a larger waist and flatter bottom. But even age-appropriate clothing assumes a 10″ difference between hip and waist. I am a size 8 at the waist and a size 2 at the hip — which means a diaper-like look.

The solution? Well, I’m wearing an 8 and long tops. Elastic waist pants are the classic solution. Sewing my own is a better solution.

I doubt that I will at any point have an hourglass figure again. However, weak glutes correlate with back pain. I did the Daily Burn Quads and Glutes workout and enjoyed it, so I may keep that up. And Elle pants continue to work well for me.

The more important thing is to get back to eating right and exercising regularly.