Adiri and I have made friends. This is the ribbing and one repeat of the pattern, and also one skein of yarn — sport weight Wool of the Andes in Blossom Heather from Knitpicks.

There’s a point when it’s clear that you actually have the right number of stitches, the right needles, the right yarn, and that the pattern is going to work. The end of frogging is here, and you can just go ahead and knit until you reach some point with shaping, at which time it’s back to negotiation.

This is the peaceful part of knitting.

If you do the same projects repeatedly, you have more peaceful knitting and less frogging. My grandmother made the same sweater, a top-down seamless raglan, the whole time I knew here. She read and knitted a lot, and always seemed quite peaceful about it.

I like adventures, or at least learning, so I miss out on a lot of peaceful knitting and also have fewer perfect sweaters.