“I think you’re ready,” our director said this evening. We’re singing the Faure Requiem, and I have to admit it’s beginning to sound pretty good.

I will miss the dress rehearsal, because I will be heading up to the Big City for a conference. I am speaking in the first slot on Friday morning, so I will probably have a small group. But we are planning to get in lots of business planning and talking, #1 daughter and I, and perhaps to visit the zoo as we do so.

And so I will miss the Saturday rehearsal at least and possibly the Sunday as well. The performance is on Monday. I know the piece by heart, but it would still be better if  I were at those rehearsals.

Never mind. I must find something black to wear. I must get lots of work done in the next couple of days. And I must pack, and practice my presentation.

At least I have decided upon my road trip knitting: a Gull Stitch blanket to go with the Zimmerman Gull Stitch layette set.