It was a hectric week, by my standards, with a lot of meetings and deadlines and issues and stuff. #1 daughter and I had our usual Friday business lunch at the Italian Grill, beginning with salad and ending with gelato, and then I helped Janalisa get her social media set up, and zoomed to the bank, where I waited in line for 40 minutes in the drive up window.

There I was, trying to squeeze a trip to the bank in quickly so I could dash home and write something scintillating about motion control and industrial automation, and I get stuck in a line for forty mintues — time enough to write the thing. I tried to experience it as a rest, with only partial success.

Then I gave #1 son a ride home and got back to work.

But I really try hard to quit working on Fridays at 5:00. I’ve been trying to take weekends off, in fact, from Friday at 5:00 to Monday at 7:00 a.m. So it was hard last night to get back to work, and hard again this morning to get to work. I have to get my classes set up, though, since we start back a week from Monday. I have to make arrangements for missing the first day of class, figure out when and where my classes take place, and build the new courses in Blackboard.

I also should fix the image issues in my company blog and get some new posts into my educational blog, plus writing something for my Aussies.

I must do the grocery shopping, clean house a bit, and wash clothes.

Now, what I want to do is quite different. I want to loll about reading Joan Hess novels, drinking tea, and knitting. I haven’t been able to knit, because I’ve had quite a bit of pain lately from excessive computer use. Spending so much time in meetings has, however, allowed me to get some rest in the arms and hands, so I think I could now knit up the item #1 son has been asking for.

With determination, I might be able to morph #1 son’s request into something I have to do for my child, thus transforming my desire to spend the day being lazy into a requirement of good motherhood.

So often it’s a matter of reframing. 40 minutes sitting in a car waiting to make a bank deposit could be 40 minutes of relaxing reading time (I always have something to read in the car). Eight hours of undisturbed knitting and reading could be something I have to do.

It would be followed by 12 hours of building courses in Blackboard without the benefit of clean clothes or groceries, but it could be done.