These charming little cakes are friands, the Pastry of the Week. They look like muffins, but are made with egg whites, almonds, butter, and fruit instead of flour, egg, oil, and milk. The result is both dense and light. I had to make them because I have a traditional oval pan such as is used for baking friands, and I had people coming over at tea time. You can make them with all kinds of fruit and nuts, and one recipe I saw has them sliced in half and filled with passionfruit curd, so there is apparently no end to the variety.

I put the jacket on to wear and discovered that the lining of the sleeve shows. I must fix that. I might make another top, though I might not, because tomorrow is the beginning of Gertie’s Slip Sewalong, and I have all the stuff to join it, so I will of course want to do so. I think the slip could be my final SWAP piece, since the colors work perfectly.

By the weekend, I will have fully completed my SWAP and probably even written about it here. The question, then, is this: what next?

Here are some of the many projects I could take on next:

  • An Amy Butler bag, because I have the fabric and pattern and the super stiff interfacing and now that I have made a jacket and a bra I need new worlds to conquer

Amy Butler bag


  • A Summer Top Project, since I have plenty of patterns and fabric and have worn the tops from my last STP practically to shreds
  • The quilting of any of the several quilt tops I have pieced and waiting, probably the one I already have on the quilting frame… waiting…
  • The jacket I had cut out for the tailoring class I signed up for a couple of years ago and never actually did, since it is cut out and I could probably do it with my new tailoring skills
  • The scarf I have almost finished knitting from the hand-spun mohair I bought in Colorado
  • Either of the two new quilts I have in my mind

However, I think I may need to redecorate my living room first. This will involve painting and moving of furniture and probably cleaning and removing things. But it must also include sewing. Curtains and cushions, that’s all, nothing challenging. Sewing rectangles might be a good break between the jacket and the bag.