#2 daughter came into town for a final visit before she moves across the country. I’m sure this will not be her final visit, but it’s the last time she’ll be able to put her dog in the car and drive down in a few hours.

I finished the shawl for #2 son’s GF.

Although I used the Geo-Snow pattern, I clearly cannot call this a Geo-Snow shawl. It is a meandering, idiosyncratic folk art oddity.

Pretty, though.

A nice traditional triangle and big enough to serve as a proper shawl, but it’s also light enough to fold or mold into other styles.

#1 son came down bringing his old dishwasher — DIL decided to redecorate the kitchen this summer — and #1 daughter brought the Baby. #1 son went to his in-laws for a football game and the girls went to see Rocket Man. The Baby put scads of things on the floor and rolled around in them.

What to knit next? I often luxuriate in the decision, considering all the pros and cons and visiting all the WIPs and generally enjoying the process.

But I was sitting around chatting with my kids and I had to knit, since I can sit idle. So I went ahead and began the “Rue Bossy d’Angles” outfit, which is a kit from la Drogeurie. The top is a straightforward raglan, so it will be absolutely Zombie rather than Epic and is perfect for knitting while chatting.

#2 daughter and I made a Blue Apron dinner of tilapia and bok choy and then settled in to watch Good Omens and knit and talk. Quite fun.