You won’t find fabrics in the current Pantone colors. Why not? Wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to buy a length of Cognac wool or Sangria silk?

You won’t find knitting patterns perfect for a bit of handspun, though I did find an article with a list of likely categories: hats, scarves, bags, cowls.

Okay, that’s when I went off to make sure what I said was true and spent 11 minutes looking at knitting patterns. It’s true.

It was a wild day, if that can fairly be said about a day spent entirely in front of the computer. 12 hours, in fact, but more of that time was spent on email than on blogging, even though Tuesday is Blogging Day. If I include Skype and phone calls, more time was spent on dealing with client issues than anything else in the day.

Interesting client issues, these. Is the color of the flag true to life? Is there a good reason that he’s doing better on Bing than on Google? What exactly is embedding? Explain PayPal? Was this a good review, or not? Who’s going to the WP party this Friday?  I like helping people and I find most of these things interesting to explain and/or look into and then explain, so I have no complaints, except that it took 12 hours to get through the day’s work.

Oh, I didn’t find a good pattern for that great yarn that I bought at the farmer’s market.