adiri Here’s Adiri, about 2/3 of the way through the first skein of Pima Silk from Cascade Yarns. It’s in Plum, and it is destined for #2 daughter’s Christmas. I’m worried that it’s too small, but she is pretty small, so I don’t know…

I have run into a problem with the directions for Grizzly. They say to knit till there are 14 inches on the right hand needle. However, the more you knit the more stitches there are on the right hand needle. Changing it to “left hand needle” didn’t work either. I may just have to guess.

In any case, I am making progress on both those projects. I did some work today and some cooking, but no housework.

Perhaps it is the fault of the sofa. DSCN4004

This is my new Chesterfield, on the right, and you can see that sitting here and knitting while watching movies is quite tempting. Of course, I need to get these Christmas presents knitted up, so that is probably a good thing.

My husband didn’t want this piece of furniture, and he doesn’t sit on it much, either. He might be sulking. He is sitting right now in the rattan chair, watching another football game.

When he watches games and I sit nearby and knit, it seems like a very normal, ordinary sort of evening. It feels like we’ve adjusted to our empty nest and are having cozy time on our own.

I know how lucky I am.