I use RescueTime to track my working hours, Fitbit to track my sleep and my steps, Ignite to track my eating (except I hardly ever do), Lumo Lift to track my posture, and now YNAB to track my budget.

Overall, it seems to be going well. However, I’m not sure where to put sewing and knitting expenses. So far I’ve put some under “spending money,” on the theory that it’s a hobby, and some under “clothing,” on the theory that I will wear the garments at some point.

Which is more accurate?


Well, here was my Spring SWAP fabric order. Counting the patterns, I think it came to about $130 dollars. It has so far been sewn into 2 pairs of pants and 1 top. Last pair of RTW pants I bought was about $80 and the last top I bought was about $40, so I could conclude that I got my money’s worth. I made two more tops for the SWAP with fabric from my stash — though I don’t remember the prices. I haven’t sewn up the rest of this fabric order, but I plan to. One of the fabrics is currently a WIP — the jacket from Simplicity 1467. Jackets run $150 minimum. If I make and wear that it will cover the whole cost of the fabric order.

But I have to admit that I have a large fabric stash.


And patterns. And yarn. In all those blue cubbies up there. I’m a piker compared to some of the sewing and kntting bloggers, I admit, but still… there could be $1000 worth of fiber lurking in there. I could just sew that and not buy any more for years before I ran out. So maybe buying more is recreational rather than an essential like clothing… unless I have sewn enough garments to have already covered the cost in the sophistry-laced method I calculated above.

And how should I calculate failed projects? If I complete a garment but don’t wear it, have I wasted the price of the fabric, or did it give me hours of pleasure at a reasonable cost? And if the latter, should it go under entertainment in my budget?

Something to ponder.