4th Street Messaround Flier 002 Good meeting today with the realtors whose site we’re building — The Art Professor brought the wireframe and we had a good collaborative discussion  with the clients. I got home to find The Band outside my door, one minute to spare before I’d have been late for my meeting with them. We also had a wonderfully creative and productive discussion.

“I’m excited about this project,” I said.

“Me, too,” said the Short One.

“I wasn’t excited on the drive over here,” said the Tall One, “but I am now.”

I was really happy when #1 son came by and had a chance to meet them. They talked about music — the Tall One said, “You guys had a good show the other night!” Has to be a thrill to chat about your gig with a Grammy nominee, right?

The Short One loved my wonderful sturdy bookcase which the family is trying to make me get rid of. I told him the whole sad story and he was entirely on my side. “There’s no such thing as too many books!” I said, and he agreed. They played with our musical instruments, too, another thing people sometimes want me to get rid of. Those people are clearly wrong.

So a fun day, all in all. I started with breakfast with my stepfather, did a good bit of writing, had a good phone meeting during which I was able to propose a good plan which might work for that client. I checked in with a couple of other clients and got good responses, too.

Last night I got my class into Blackboard and had a call from Bell. She assured me that the hiatus from her publication was not a reflection on our performance at all. I appreciated her calling to tell us that. I also went in and read my evaluations from the first class, and they were generally very positive.

So back to the question: Where does music come from? I’ve got the project outlined, but I felt moved, during choir practice — after all the meetings — to ask JLee her answer to that question. We had come up with a list:

  • from musicians
  • from musical instruments
  • from different times and places
  • from a creative process

JLee added one more:

  • from the heart.