Angel is or was a glam band, and they recorded this song early in this century. I had never heard of them before I encountered this song on YouTube.

Winter is here, and it’s cold this time of year.
There’s snow everywhere in sight, falling on this winter night.
By candle light, we share this chilly night.
There’s frost on the window pane, winter nights are here again.

There’s a feeling in the air,
Feel the spirit everywhere.
Winter winds on heaven and earth.

By the fireplace, there’s a smile on every face.
The ice begins to cling, listen to the children sing.
Looking outside, the city lights all come alive.
People running all around, they fill the streets with a happy sound.

There’s a feeling in the air,
Feel the spirit everywhere.
Winter winds on heaven and earth.
Hear the Angels join the choir,
Let them take the music higher.
Through winter days on heaven and earth.

I checked them out on Wikipedia and discovered that they were a sort of Kiss mirror band. They wore white and had an adrogynous image which got them teased in the press.
Current members:
  • Barry Brandt – drums, percussion (1975-1981, 1999-present)
  • Frank DiMino – lead vocals (1975-1981, 1999-present)
Former members:
  • Gregg Giuffria – keyboards (1975-1981)
  • Punky Meadows – guitars (1975-1981)
  • Mickie Jones – bass (1975-1977; died 2009)
  • Felix Robinson – bass (1977-1981)

This is, I think, the first glam band Christmas song I have ever shared. Maybe the first one I’ve ever heard.

I have a concert this evening and am still not sure what I’m going to wear. I bought a last-minute black dress at Amazon, but it is so thin that I feel pretty exposed in the dress. I will need a black slip. I do own some black pants, and it might be easier to find a black top than to find a black slip. But I already paid for that dress. And where will I find time to shop for a black top?

So I don’t know what I’ll wear. Or if I’m going to go, for that matter, because I am currently being attacked by Symptoms: sore throat, foggy brain, sniffles. Can I stave them off? If not — and if I spend an hour and more money coming up with black clothes small enough for me to wear tonight — I won’t be singing tonight, and will have spent time and money unnecessarily.

Of course, if I can stave them off, then I will need the black clothes. Whine, whine, whine.