HotPatterns has a great post on how they put together their fall capsule.

Mine is about halfway done. In the list below, green means finished, orange means in progress, and red means not started yet:

  • Core 4
    • gray jacket
    • gray skirt
    • gray tank
    • gray pants
  • Contrast outer column
    • tweed jacket
    • dark taupe pants
  • Contrast inner column
    • light taupe top
    • light taupe skirt
  • Twin set
    • rose top
    • rose cardigan
  • Print 2-piece
    • top
    • skirt

So I have 5 pieces completed, and I’ve been wearing and enjoying them. I have two pieces in progress, and I plan to work on those more this weekend. I have five that I haven’t begun, plus the Iconic Tweed Jacket and accessories I had planned to make as well.

But I haven’t completed the Little Boy’s quilt and the Christmas presents are calling my name. Not to mention the real need for housework at my place. So I’m tempted to punk out on the rest of the SWAP, or at least to delay it. We’ll see how much sewing I accomplish this weekend.

We had our staff meeting yesterday and then my stepfather joined us for lunch.My husband cooked and it was a pleasant visit.

HGP Foyer Week is coming along well. I’ve bought all the supplies for the handmade gifts, and today I plan to organize everything into giant Ziploc bags: instructions and materials with the recipient’s name. That does mean that I’ll have to make up my mind, of course. I also need to get the freezer cooking and baking done, which means grocery shopping.

But along in there I also plan to work on the gray jacket and the rose cardi.