I didn’t have a perfect Whole 30. #2 daughter thinks I ought to start over and go on through Lent. #1 daughter, on the other hand, says that I already had an eating plan that worked for me, so I shouldn’t have messed with it. I went with #1 daughter and have ended my Whole 30. I might do it again sometime with greater fervor, but I’m through for now.

I had no noticeable improvements in my health and I lost no weight. But I think I learned some things.

  • A meal should be a piece of healthy protein surrounded by vegetables. I’m happy with that for lunch and dinner, and both those meals can be no-decision Whole 30 style meals for me going forward.
  • The protein doesn’t have to be grilled chicken. Chicken Chasseur or Curried Beef with Coconut Milk is just as wholesome and worth the trouble.
  • The vegetables don’t have to be a salad. I came to enjoy vegetables a lot more during the Whole 30. These two points have made me more open to cooking, which I have rather felt was pointless without the Evil 6. In fact, there are lots of classic dishes that are free of the Evil 6 and I plan to continue making the effort to cook them.
  • If you’re not eating hyper-stimulating foods, natural foods are more delicious. Sugar snap peas and carrots are sweet. Fruit is delectable. Brussels sprouts are flavorful. Really.
  • You can have a satisfying meal without grains. Really.
  • Nothing bad happens to you if you don’t give in to cravings.
  • Abstention can be easier than moderation.

At this point in the Whole 30 we’re supposed to make some decisions about what we’re going to eat going forward. Balance allows 15 instances of the Evil 6 per week, and that works for me. That’s two a day, essentially. Whole grains at breakfast and a piece of dark chocolate or a glass of wine. Or, now that I’ve spent a month having mushroom omelets or scrambled eggs rather than waffles, I could alternate sweet and savory breakfasts and have pizza night once a week.

I didn’t miss legumes, though, so I will probably do without them. And I don’t miss grains at dinner, though I had a sandwich at lunch with #1 daughter and #1 son today and enjoyed it quite a bit. I came home and prepared vegetable-filled salmon croquettes and ate them wrapped in lettuce, though, and that was actually just as good.

So I think overall it was a win.