It’s been a week since I ended the Whole 30 and returned to Balance. The bad thing is that I reacted to the Whole 30 as deprivation and went a bit wild after finishing it. I ate dairy products, bread, cookies, burgers — things I don’t usually want — and even drank alcohol. I gained a couple of pounds, though it’s dropping off again, and I certainly didn’t lose my taste for sweets.

I’m also now listening to How Not to Die, which is just as research-based and convincing, and which says to avoid meat and eggs and instead to center meals on whole grains and legumes, both of which It Starts with Food (the Whole30 book) says are very bad for you.

They agree on no dairy and no processed foods and yes to veggies, and I’m good with that. They agree on no sugar, which is a lot harder for me. #1 daughter and #1 son and I have our staff meetings in restaurants now, and yesterday I skipped the fried mozzarella and the bread and the risotto, bemoaned the lack of vegetables on my plate of chicken in Marsala and mushroom sauce — and enjoyed the creme brulee quite a lot.

Yes, that’s dairy as well as sugar.

But eggs and meat versus whole grains and legumes? That’s tough.

At the moment, I’m going with the palm-sized portion of lean protein at lunch and dinner and filling my plate with fruit and veg. More veg than I used to eat and more variety. Less fruit, and more skewed toward citrus and berries. I find fresh produce quite delicious now, and eat things like Brussels sprouts and artichokes with great pleasure.

I also have a different reaction to the less-healthy foods. I see fast food places and am revolted by them. I can’t think of things like white bread, chips, and crackers as food at all. Processed foods in general seem loathsome. I’m still eating sweets, but I’m very snobbish about them.

So I guess the Whole 30 made some positive changes for me. The list of Evil 6 items that I still want to eat is getting smaller and the list of healthful foods I want to eat is getting larger.