There was indeed pastry yesterday, plus pizza and yogurt. And since I didn’t finish eating it yesterday, I started my Whole30 this afternoon, after consuming the remaining cherry pie for tea.

That’s it, though. Palm-sized protein and salad three times a day for the next 30 days. It’s essentially the same as Ignite, though Whole30 doesn’t have anything as quaint as “The Evil 6” or an app to track it, and Ignite doesn’t have a Facebook avatar and cover graphic. Truthfully, I’ll be using the Ignite app and the Whole30 graphic and the Slimming World “syns” sticker in my planner, so I’m getting the benefits of each. Since all of them are essentially lean protein and produce all the time, I’m going to go with the Whole30 rules. That means not just that none of the Evil 6 are allowed, but also no legumes and no grains even without gluten. It doesn’t really matter to me; I never get excited about oatmeal or hummus.

But I think I will find it easier to reignite this time, since I’ve done it repeatedly and with a good deal of success.

The Whole30 is also an elimination diet: after 30 days with no Evil 6 foods, you reintroduce one at a time to identify sensitivities. I’ve done Ignite and reintroduced a little bit of dairy, grain, and sugar (15 points a week) with no indications of sensitivity. I know for a fact that eating a lot of those things make me feel hungover at best, so I have no desire to do that. I am not therefore expecting any life-changing experiences.

I am expecting to turn my back on the luxurious eating of the holidays, the reversion to evening snacking, and the weight loss slow down. I plan to lose about half what I did last year, and to build up some muscle. If I have improvements in my overall health, I won’t complain.