I am eating perfectly wholesome meals. Here you see breakfast: scrambled eggs with a bit of bacon, half a grapefruit, a fruit smoothie. I trust that this provides my brain with enough glucose to be able to make it through the morning without too much loss of cleverness.


Here’s lunch: fish and salad and a bit of fruit, my go-to lunch for some time now.


Dinner is again fish, though it could also be chicken or beef, with a potato and some Brussels sprouts, though it could instead be salad and snow peas or broccoli and carrots. I’ll have a bit of fruit for dessert.

That’s it.

I have not seen any amazing changes in my health and well-being, though I am much less interested in food. Still, I have found myself enjoying things like grapefruit or cashews far more than usual. They seem tastier and more luxurious now than when I was comparing them with chocolate or pie.

Would I quit? Gladly, if it weren’t that it would make me feel like a quitter — and worse yet, like an addict. I’ve been watching Nurse Jackie, which I think is the perfect thing to watch while doing the Whole30. My revulsion when she takes yet another pill comes to my mind when I consider having just a bite of one of the Evil 6.