recyclery-inspirationshirt Sunday night I sorted out one shelf of my crafts cupboard — the soap and spa shelf. I have such a wonderful store of scents, butters, bases, and colors that I can make wonderful soaps and bath stuff for everyone on my Christmas list.

Monday I had a haircut appointment and our weekly business meeting, with the intriguing addition of a call from #1 son asking for a ride to the student health center.

I offered to go immediately to pick him up, having the conversation on my cell phone as the hairdresser began working, but he said to finish my appointment first. The nice girls at the salon looked at me wide eyed. I assured them that I knew I must seem like the worst possible mother, but they said oh no not at all and cut my hair.

I went and picked up #1 son, took him to the health center, got the diagnosis (strep or mono — they could test, the doctor said, but the treatment would be the same either way so they don’t test for kids who don’t have health insurance), and went to pick up the prescription.

#1 son stood with me at the counter at Target, looking as though he was about to die on the spot, and the pharmacist kindly explained that she was going to lunch, so she’d have the prescription ready in one hour and fifteen minutes.

I took #1 son to lunch and put him to bed and then turned around and drove back to pick up the prescription. Back to work by 2:30 — earlier than on Friday but clearly not early enough to  get all my work done. At 6:00, with no dinner, I left for Master Chorale.

That was nice. Fairly relaxing, even, so I got home ready to grade papers, write blog posts, and such — and had no internet connection.

I gave up and went to bed.

This morning I had a series of five emergencies.

Actually, #1 daughter says they weren’t emergencies, because none of them involved blood. But there I was again at 2:30 or so, having fed #1 son and seen him back into his bed, with my work not done.

On the plus side, I got one of our clients up to the front page, we are this close to finishing up our systems and trainings, and we have plenty of interesting projects to do.  Also, having done some housework this weekend, I have been able to surround the busy days with healthy meals,  sleep in a crisp linen nightgown and soft cotton sheets, and perform my ablutions in clean bathrooms.