Jermyn Street is the name of the scarf pattern. I bought the book containing this pattern because I could not get the Isager alpaca merino #2 son chose in the yarn shop to knit up cheerfully into any of the many fine men’s scarf patterns I already owned.

And thus it was that Isager Alpaca Merino got to be Contestant #1 on the new knitting game show: Who’s Going to (Be) Jermyn Street?


Here is that lovely Isager Alpaca Merino, looking a little beat up after being knitted into several different scarf swatches and refusing to cooperate with any of them. Look at the lovely Algiers scarf and you will see what this yarn yearns to be. Sorry, #2 son, this yarn is not for you.

Here is Contestant #2: Wool of the Andes in Solstice Heather.


See how it drinks in the light? There is no point to making wonderful textures in a yarn like this. I also have enough for a sweater, so a scarf would be a waste.

Contestant #3: Wool of the Andes in Gosling.


This really seemed like a contender. The textured stitches will stand out beautifully. But there are only two skeins. What are the chances of that being enough? Maybe 50/50. No, Gosling, you will not be going to Jermyn Street.

Contestant #4: Peruvian Highland Wool in a rich green shade.


Three skeins! You WIN!