I was shocked when, for the first time, I looked at Rescue Time’s detailed listing of what I did in MS Word today. For the entire day — when, granted, I was in meetings and blogging most of the time — I spent no more than 26 minutes on any project. 36 seconds on this, 7 seconds on that, 1 minute 58 seconds on the other.

While in some cases I can recognize that I was doing something like printing a document (1 minute 58 seconds) or checking on a phrase (36 seconds is apparently a consistent length of time for that), I hate the fact that I only got in 26 minutes (and 4 seconds) on what should have been my main task for the day.

I was interrupted by phone calls, emails, meetings, and sudden realizations of deadlines looming up ahead. This is not good. Unless this was a very unusual day, I think it’s time to turn off the phone, shut the door, and work when I work.

Of course right now it’s time to go to bed after an 11 hour day (plus meetings). And then it will be time to go teach a class. But after that, for sure, I will work on improving this unfortunate pattern.