Is Quixote developing a cinnamon bun vibe? Or is it just my projection of a craving?

I replaced my Wii console. I went for days without exercising, which is not okay. Rather than spend weeks working toward developing new exercise habits (which I probably should do anyway to step things up), I bought a used console.

As #1 daughter pointed out, I no longer have records. My new Wii console gave me a new Mii.

She looked like Kellyanne Conway. Obviously, I couldn’t have that. I made myself a new Mii, but it’s not the same. I had a pleasant, friendly Mii. I haven’t been able to recreate that. My new one is kind of homely.

I also had my family and pets at the Wii Plaza. Now it’s just me. And I exercised virtually not only with my family but also Barack Obama. No more.

Still, my new Mii has no history. She doesn’t have the graph showing how she used to be in the Obese area of the chart. The Wii claps and says she’s normal, and just wants her to lose 10 pounds and work on her balance.