“Will you be ready?” in this modern Advent carol is about spiritual readiness, but I am worrying about being ready in a more worldly sense. Do I have enough stuff for stockings? Will I get #2 son’s sweater finished in time? Can I get the grocery shopping done and also get the house clean and the guest room ready before the kids arrive?

I am also worrying about their travel. Last night was filled with fretful nightmares about freeways. It is supposed to be above freezing today, though,and perhaps we will just have ordinary rain as we are right now, and not snow, ice, and typhoons as I have been imagining.

The song of the day, “Celtic Advent Carol,” was written by David Angerman and Michael Barrett. It is the solstice, too, so you could instead sing “Deck the Halls,” a nice yule carol that might well inspire us as we clean and decorate.