DSCN4255 Janalisa brought us these super cute cookies in a Christmas basket.

At this point, all the kids are gone — the girls back to their homes and the boys on a rock climbing trip. I was back at work today but I do intend to spend the next couple of days taking stock and planning for the new year.

Janalisa says she doesn’t like that — too angsty. I like it, though. Companies with written plans and goals are significantly more successful than those without, I hear, and I’m always big on self-improvement.

2013 was not a successful year. It was in many ways a good year, actually, and I can respect that by achieving my goal of taking the week from Christmas to New Year off (mostly), and looking back on it to see the good parts.

I also like having a clean slate, or the feeling of a clean slate. 2013 might have been a tough year in some ways, but 2014 could be a fantastic year. I’ve reignited and forsworn the Evil 6. I’m going to finish the projects I began/planned/left unfinished last year. In the next couple of days I can make some great plans that I haven’t even thought about yet.

The Christmas tree and decorations have to go, too, and the house could usea good cleaning now that there are fewer people and dogs here.