I made cookie boxes for the pastor, choir master, organist, and La Bella and took them to church.

The service was lovely. There was a special a capella arrangement of “Joy to the World” by two brothers and a sister. A cello and piano duet, too, and “Shepherd’s Pipe Carol” on a flute. We did “Silent Night” with candles. A lovely service.

We had sandwiches for dinner, then opened presents.

The Playmobil Noah’s Ark was perfect for the Baby. She can take things out, put things in, and zoom it around on the floor.

The Good Ol’ Boy gave #1 daughter a really nice copper pan. We had lots of fun gifts.

Christmas morning we had breakfast and more presents.

We had FaceTime visits with #2 daughter and her beau and texts and photos from #2 son and his sweetheart.

The Baby enjoyed putting wrapping paper in the trash bag.

The kids have all gone on to further celebrations. They’ll be back tomorrow for Boxing Day fun. My husband is watching Thai boxing. I’m about to go to the other room and watch a movie while I knit.

I am trying to make hottles for #2 daughter and her fellow before we see her for the New Year.