I’m doing a Numina retreat, though I’m squeezing in the activities in my normal work day so it’s probably less effective than it otherwise would be.

However, one of the exercises is to group all your wants and come up with a Big Want that sums them all up. You get a bunch of cars to work with, with things like “Connect with my family,” “Intimate love,” “Health and fitness,” and other stuff that of course I want. How can I subsume all those things into one concept?

I know that I want to take my life off of the pause it has been on during the pandemic. #1 daughter and I even came up with a list of business goals, which we didn’t do last year at all. We want to see some growth in our company, and I want to learn and grow in my work.

Health has to be a top priority for me. This year I was forced to make it a focus, but next year I want to build on what I’ve done right this year.

I’m hoping to go to Germany for #2 daughter’s wedding, and that will require some financial development.

I’m chairing the Communications Ministry Team at church in 2022, and I want to do that well and finish my term as a ruling elder well. I want spiritual development as well, and I’m working on involvement in the Adult Study Group (Sunday School/ book club), regular Bible study with my new household planner, and the habit of examen.

Said home planner…I’m easing into it.

And I know that I want to continue to learn and grow in my creative endeavors. I want to do better at housekeeping and continue my home organization, to continue with fiber arts and needlework, and to continue to improve my self presentation.

So that’s a lot of stuff.

I figure Growth will cover it.