I’ve completed the second hottle. It also took about one week and two skeins of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes.

In order to take next week off, I must write 25 blog posts this week, roughly five per day.

Today I had two people over for tea. Two separate tea times, one work and one not. Also a request for site updates and a proposal. Some communication with designers and a bit of social media. Nonetheless I wrote four. If I keep to my five a day plan for the rest of the week, I’ll nearly make it.

However, I have a hair appointment and a meetup tomorrow, and a team meeting and lunch on Friday.

I skimped on meal prep by eating take out for both lunch and dinner, worked just a little bit late, and fitted in a few minutes of strength work and the end of the cuff for the hottle. Thought I might undo that and give it another inch or two.

It was a pleasant and productive day. I’ll find a little extra time someplace in the course of the week.