The site which launched on Tuesday is having problems now because the site owners are going in and changing the links. They have a history of undoing my work by deleting pages and so forth, but the site was finished and handed over and they are continuing to do this. Naturally, they are reaching out to me to fix the problems. But there has to be an end point. Sigh.

I am now working on two new websites, but I also must write 12 blog posts this week, plus the internal quarterly reports and the client quarterly analytics reports. Plus a bunch of site changes and little requests, including a request from a client to add something to the CSS.

I’ve also had to take over another of the social media accounts.

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

In fairness, I lost some time to Easter weekend and a dental appointment, plus a problem launching the site mentioned above. But I’m back to 13 and 14 hour workdays.

Fortunately, I enjoy my work. I plan to keep my head down today and get as much done as possible, avoiding interruptions as much as possible.