#2 son and #1 daughter headed out early yesterday morning and I got back to Wii Fit, which chided me, “It’s been 10 days since your last session.” That’s 10 days of traveling and hanging out with my family — plus a week before that. It has been fun, but my Fitbit shows that there have been consequences, and so does my Rescuetime. My Balance record doesn’t show anything, because I have recorded just 16 meals since the fun began. Five breakfasts, three lunches, and four dinners… probably the healthier ones, too. I also haven’t tracked any of the alcohol I’ve drunk. That’s part of the Evil 6 that I don’t usually find tempting.


After Wii Fit, I got to work, but was still late on blogs. There were lots of emails, a call on a major new potential, a conversation with a possible new hire, and a later afternoon emergency that canceled my planned quiet Friday evening.

It’s also threatening my planned self-indulgent Saturday. The indulgence I had in mind was housework, laundry, grocery shopping, and sewing. I’m currently waiting to hear back on the emergency and I’m going to sew, but the feeling of having a day off is gone. Sigh.

So I have three storyboards. They have a lot of things in common: the SWAP idea of having a neutral and a fashion color and making basic pieces in both so you can mix and match. All the storyboards share the colors and the main sewing pattern.

The differences are in the tops and the use of the prints. I could make the solid tops and make one tunic and one dress, in addition to the two-piece print.

I won’t be starting this weekend. However, I am finishing up another summer top and I hope I can also do some muslins. SWAPs are supposed to be made with TNT patterns, but of course I am not doing that. Maybe next time.

I also still have quilts to work on and some other home stuff to make. Also some online classes to take and the class I’m teachin in the fall to set up.  So I may spend some time with my planning calendar today, too.