Here is a decidedly unwearable muslin for the Woven T. The making of muslins means that I often end up with multiple unwearable garments in the same time I could have spent making wearable ones.

In this case, I am slowly moving ahead with my Spring SWAP, though it may end up being a Fall SWAP by the time it’s finished.


You can see the hybrid fabric in teal, brown, and taupe, destined to become three pairs of easy and well-fitting Elle pants. There’s the teal jersey, to become a tie-front top.

But there are more fabrics in there. The matching teal fabric on the bottom will make a handsome jacket, as will the gorgeous wool crepe standing up on the right. I know I don’t have time to make those right now.

But on the top of the pile you can see two more fabrics: the lovely silk georgette print and the re-embroidered lace. It is these fabrics that I imagine will make charming woven Ts, with a matching skirt in the print. My muslin does not look good.

But a lot of the ladies in my Facebook sewing group have made this garment, and they look great in it. They have given me sound advice on how to improve my results. So I will keep making muslins until I get it right.

Then I suppose I will make muslins for the skirt. And then the jackets. Meanwhile, I could have completed half a dozen garments made from TnT patterns.