La Bella and I went on a trip to the aquarium in Springfield, in a van with a tour group of old people.

La Bella and I are also old people, but she remarked that the group seemed surprisingly old. I was not surprised. This was my first trip with the local lifelong learning group, and I had expected people to be old. There was a lot of querulousness and mobility trouble in the group, but we basically hung out in pairs, and La Bella and I had an excellent time.

The Wildlife Galleries were mostly taxidermy, with human artifacts and artwork interspersed.

After our tour of the Wildlife Galleries, we had lunch at Hemingway’s.

The Aquarium was an aquarium, as expected.

We decided to skip choir practice, and I went to bed early. I still didn’t manage eight hours of sleep. I have rehearsals tonight, tomorrow night, Saturday, and Sunday, then a performance Monday night. The day out was good, but maybe not enough to reset my energy levels. But it was definitely good.