The study of the Seven Deadly Sins took only a week, so I am back to needing a summer study.

There are work-related things in plenty, of course. I need to brush up on advanced analytics, improve PPC skills, maybe learn Spanish, and of course there is the whole rebranding/ business systems development thing.

That’s work, though. I also need some play.

Yesterday my husband and I took the dogs to the park. They loved it. So did I. It was just such a nice normal thing to be doing… seeing young sweethearts picnicking, people playing with their children and walking with their grandchildren, stopping for a friendly word with other dogwalkers, all while the sweet scent of honeysuckle wafted to us on the breezes. Doing that every day probably couldn’t count as a study, but it might be a good idea. I might also benefit from returning to last year’s uncompleted studies.

Apart from that, I mostly worked yesterday. I’m organizing the systems we’ve been developing from the Moleskine where they’ve been sketched out with diagrams and lines and notes going in different directions, into a more usable form. It’s increasingly clear that it would be better for our business if I were able to put more of my time toward our company and less toward our clients’ companies.

If we successfully raise our prices, we’ll be able to hire enough people to make that happen.

As for the Seven Deadly Sins, I have a greater understanding of them now and can perhaps be better armed against them. I thought of them as a medieval concept, like humors, but in fact they make a lot of sense in our culture. I still think that sin is ubiquitous and that no particular sin is more or less serious than another, and the Seven Deadly Sins are clearly not listed in the Bible, but they are arguably attitudes that lead us into harm.