I did a bit of a Yarn Crawl in Colorado a few years back, and today I did one stop on a local one. The example knits were amazing and the proprietress gave me some good intarsia advice.

Her knitting examples included astonishing intarsia so I am taking her advice.

The main thing I wanted was a royal blue yarn for the Baby’s Christmas cardi. I ended up with Noro Silk Garden. This yarn was super trendy when I started my knitting blog, and has a cult following. I’ve never tried it, though. I’ve never knitted with a Japanese yarn at all. This contains wool, silk, polyamide and mohair. It has a crunchy texture in the skein. I’m excited about using it.

I bought some Giselle at half price. It’s from Classic Elite Yarn, but it’s made in South Africa, so this yarn too will give me an international experience. It’s mostly mohair of course, but also has wool and a bit of nylon.

A mohair scarf is always a pleasure, and the color is a favorite of mine.

Here is the local option. The fiber comes from the UK and includes ” a new biodegradable cellulose fiber infused with Pearl powder.” as well as merino wool, silk, and “Rainbow Trilobal Firestar,” which is a sparkly nylon.

I’ve returned to my argyle.

I’ve got a row of full diamonds, now. I counted rows and I don’t actually have errors. If I pull it all out, then, I might spend weeks redoing it and not get a better result. It’s not blocked and the ends aren’t finished, so I am going to soldier on and hope it turns out well.