This week has been unusually rich when it comes to yarn.

Not only did I receive an order from KnitPicks containing their new-to-me all-American High Desert yarn, and the collection of vintage yarn, but I also received speckled yarn from A Yarn to Dye For, packaged like a really thoughtful present.

I’ve been thinking about speckled yarn off and on literally for years.

It’s so pretty in the skein.

But I have real qualms about using it to knit anything. I don’t like self-striping yarn, marled yarn, or even most hand-dyed yarn. Tweed, yes, but variegated yarn of any kind ends up looking chaotic and ugly to me in a garment.

And yet I continue to be tempted by speckled yarn.

So, egged on by #2 daughter, I bought some at Etsy.

Clearly, I need to do some swatching.

Fortunately, it’s Friday. I’m going to put on a pot of chili and play with my new yarns for a bit.