Yarn, Ho!

The Icelandic Store sent me a jam-packed box of wool in three days over a holiday weekend.

The wool was so tightly packed that when I opened the box the top layer popped out with a sproing!

I got a couple of sweaters’ worth of Léttlopi, the yarn I used for #2 son’s Icelandic sweater. This makes a stout fabric, not a soft one, but it is warm and beautiful.

This is the main color for a Christmas sweater I’m planning for #1 daughter. I’ll use one or more of the pink shades for the color work at the yoke.

The Glacier Blue is the main color for the same sweater for me. The color work for the sweater I’m planning — Afmaeli — requires three to twelve colors. I planned to use different shades of gray for it, but it might be nice to include some of the other colors in the box.

Additionally I got a kit with the heavier cousin yarn, Alafosslopi, also for Christmas knitting. I’ll end up with at least three sweaters and maybe something for the babies, too.

Good customer service — they let me add some more yarn to the box after my first order and before they shipped it, fast shipping, great patterns in English, and good prices as well.

I did a little swatch for Afmaeli, and it worked out to 18 stitches over 4″ on a size 2 needle. I want to try a larger needle to soften the fabric a bit, but if size 2 is what works, that will also be okay.