#2 daughter and I went to a pop-up shop from the new local yarn shop.

We both ran into old friends, and I bought yarn. I wanted to buy a skein or two for #2 daughter, but she resisted.

I’m supporting local business.

I had settled on this soft palette, but did not see those colors at the yarn pop-up, so I defaulted to coral, which I always love.

I think it’s at least mostly true that they simply didn’t have the soft colors, at least not in quantities large enough to knit sweaters.

They had lots of lovely fibers, though. I got silk and linen for summer sweaters. I plan to make Encinitas, from Vernal: Collection of warm weather knitwear.

And maybe another of the little tops I made last year.

We also went to Rick’s and played a new board game, and then #1 daughter came over with her little girls, bringing Chinese food for lunch.

My daughters headed out for a wedding cake tasting and the little girls stayed with me.

We played, watched Encanto, read stories, and generally had fun. #2 daughter caught her plane back to Calfiornia.

In the evening I frogged a sock I had begun and started it again on larger needles.