Last year, I read a book by Scott Adams that said the major metric for our lives should be energy.

If so, I'm not doing that well. I managed a mere 3001 steps in 30 minutes this morning on Wii Fit. I always find the time change unsettling, and I am apparently not alone. The Monday after the time change, according to the Wall Street Journal, is characterized by "sloth like web surfing" and "a massive loss of productivity."

But I also have not been exercising, eating right, sleeping well, or keeping my house clean.

Looking back through my blog posts, I see that I've been having fun. I've been strongly engaged in Seamwork DYW and the Knitting Life List, spending time with my family, doing my DNA project, reading, and watching movies.

I've been working hard, too. But I don't want to lose my health progress. y weight has gone up and down a couple of pounds through 2018 so far.

Looking at my blog posts also shows that I have had plateaus before. Months-long plateaus, in fact. They haven't prevented long-term success.

It's time to recommit.