Continuing to make gradual progress with my living room. Here is a cushion with an envelope-style cover closed with a line of Rouleau loops and a handful of tiny iridescent shell buttons. So far all the others are unadorned, but I would like to jazz them all up, so this represents admirable restraint.

I’m almost through with the curtains, which I’m hemming by hand in what may be an excessive show of concern. I have some other sewing to do, and I also have to make final decisions about the furniture, get rid of anything I’m not keeping, and return all the books to the shelves of whichever bookcases I keep, once they’re in place. When all the furniture is settled,  I’ll rehang the artworks, or hang new pieces, as the case may be.

I had a strange experience last night. I had changed the bed linens, showered, and gotten into bed to read at a civilized hour. I picked up a magazine which contained an example of a skin treatment oil. I hadn’t put on night cream, so I tore open the packet and spread the oil on my face.

Eew. It was like putting salad oil on my skin. I tried to give it a fair shot, but just had to get up and wash it off. I noticed at that time that some had — presumably because I was reclining in bed — gotten into my hair.

Back to bed, and after a bit, I put the lights out and tried to sleep. The skin of my scalp was burning in the area where the oil had leaked into my hairline. I was scratching my scalp and trying to ignore it, but it got steadily worse, and sleeping was impossible. At midnight, I got up and washed my hair, took a Benadryl, and finally got back to bed and to sleep.


Today La Bella and I are going to see Cendrillon. Between now and then I hope to finish the last hem of the last curtain panel.