Yesterday morning I spent 30 minutes with Wii Fit, drank tea, ate breakfast, dressed, made some quick site changes for clients, pulled some quick analytics reports, checked in with #1 daughter by phone, taught my writing class (thesis, support, and pirates were the topics), met with a client, made a bank deposit, had lunch, wrote blogs, made more site changes, did client social media, Skyped with #2 daughter, wrote more blogs, responded to email, delegated some tasks, checked some work, interviewed a possible new hire and gave him a try-out task, wrote some more blogs, scrambled an egg for dinner, and zipped over to choir practice, arriving late.

Late is not good. When it was apparent that I would be late, I thought of not going. I had a lot of work to do, and it would have made sense to do that work instead of going and singing.

Singing was better. I enjoyed concentrating on something not about work.

After choir, I changed the paraments. Just as I finished, someone came in and said to change them back, so I did that. Then I came home, wrote the last blog post of the day (my own), did a bit more client social media, spent some time with my husband, and went to bed.

No class today and no choir, but otherwise I expect it’ll be about the same. Grading of papers has to take place and I have a phone rather than a face to face meeting, but those are details.

NIce way to spend the day.