I’m just about at my second anniversary of using the Happy Planner. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that it has improved my life. I’ve been able to take up good habits and lose bad ones, I get more done with less stress, and the arts and crafts aspect makes serious planning more fun.

But you only improve what you track. I’ve reached a point, as we can see from last week’s spread, where I put in the stickers to track water, expenditures, meals, exercise, steps, social media, and all that good stuff — but I quit tracking.

Some things have become such firm habits that I don’t need to track them, but most have not. If I don’t check off those 8 glasses of water, I don’t drink them. If I don’t make a point of doing social media posts for my company, other priorities crowd them out. Using the checkboxes helps me keep priorities clear.

I’ll do better this week. And maybe I need some washi tape over the black chevron lines at the bottom, because if it looks good, I’m more likely to enjoy looking at it — and checking off those actions.