I’m feeling a bit poorly today: sore throat, sore eyes, sniffling…

This could be because I took the dog for a nice long walk yesterday and also took a book outside to read on the steamer deck chair, thus racking up a couple of hours of breathing in the allergen-laden air.

However, since I teach, it could also be that I have picked up some noxious virus. I will therefore be staying home from church and taking it easy today, in case.

This makes it the perfect day to do the final decision-making and organization for my handmade Christmas gifts. I have a fine stack of craft books to thumb through, as well as printouts of the patterns I’ve been finding online.

I also have giant Ziploc bags.

The Holiday Grand Plan says to put the directions and materials and tools for your holiday gifts into Ziploc bags now. You can then pick up a project easily any time you have a spare moment and work on it without spending time finding things or thinking about it. This makes the whole process way more efficient.

Unfortunately, it has never worked for me. I’d get a box of those gallon bags, and the yarn for #2 son’s sweater couldn’t possibly fit in it. Nor could the book with the pattern in it.

Putting soap molds and soapmaking supplies into a gallon bag was also impractical. Ditto for the soldering iron and jewelry supplies. It just didn’t work for most of the things I made.

However, at one of the summer’s conferences, I received a box of Ziploc Big Bags, and they aren’t kidding. This is a 10-gallon bag, two feet square. I can put in not only the soapmaking mold and supplies, but also the instructions and yarn for matching tawashis, and I plan to add the fabric and pattern for a matching bathrobe as well.

I’ve got fabric and pattern for a dog bed, and I can add the cedar dog bedding when I buy it.

These are perfect for the purpose. I’ll grab a box of the gallon size for my smaller projects and I will be completely set.

It’s Master Bathroom Week for the HGP, and we’ll also make a meal and a batch of holiday treats for the freezer, inventory clothing for holiday celebrations or gifts and make a list of sizes and needed items, buy canned goods for the charity box and for holday meals, and make holiday lists for when family members ask us what the kids would like for Christmas.

Tea, apple muffins, and Sherlock on Netflix will complete my not-too-unpleasant sick day. With any luck, I’ll nip it in the bud and be well for class tomorrow.